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Need help? Figure out your location, nearest cross street or land mark so we can find you. An exact address works best if possible.

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Step 3: Wait

Wait In a safe location for your tow truck to arrive! Our tow truck drivers understand you are waiting and will work hard to get to you quick! 

Got A Flat?

Getting a flat tire is no fun, thats for sure. Portland Towing specializes in flat tire repair all over the Portland metro area. If you have a spare tire we can put it on for you. If you don't have a spare we can tow you to safety or your tire shop of choice so you can have your tire replaced. Give us a call for fast, affordable solutions to flat tire problems.

Portland Oregon Flat Tire Repair

Stay Safe and prepare

Your safety is the most important thing to consider when you get a flat tire. If you get a flat on the highway make sure you get to the far right lane and pull as far off the road as possible. If you have flares, cones or any other type of hazard warning, use them. Wait as far away from traffic as you can get. It is not always a good idea to wait inside of your vehicle and if possible, try to find a safe place to wait for your emergency repair tech. 

If you don't have a spare tire and the tire is not repairable, we can tow you to a local repair shop. While you are waiting for us you may want to call around to see who might be open and have a tire that will fit your vehicle in stock at their shop. We love helping customers and will do what ever we can to give you guidance once we arrive. Portland towing is here to help any way we can so give us a call and lets get this flat tire problem solved.

(503) 610-0126